Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whats Important

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”
Dale Carnegie
I was talking with my daughter-in-law (the daughter I always wanted) last night about some friends who are going through a real tragedy right now. Our conversation had me asking myself do I spend enough time on the important things in life. Will people say one day he was a great guy but not be able mention a good thing I did? He was a good salesman(you know they will say that, LOL). Do we spend all our time trying to be successful or just make it in these troubled times that we forget God, family , and others.
What I'm trying to say is that although you may enjoy your work, don't allow it to be what defines you.
I am a Christian, husband, father,grandfather,son,a neighbor and friend that enjoys and works in sales.
What are you? Ask yourself today and try to do something nice for anyone today that you wouldn't normally do. Before you know it you'll be doing two or three good things. You can affect your street, your street affect your neighborhood,your neighborhood your city and so on.

Steve Becker
iPRO Business Systems

Friday, March 25, 2011

Read the Instructions

My dad once told me that he had a teacher once handout a test and told the class, "Read all the instructions before starting the test". Many of the kids immediately, confident in their knowledge started feverishly through the questions while a few read the instructions,put their pencils down and sat quietly.When those who had confidently answered all the questions finished the teacher asked if everyone was done and then said to the kids, "Let's go over the instructions". The instructions talked about how to fill in bubbles and stuff like that, but finally, the last instruction was do not answer these questions this is a test in following instructions, put your pencil down and sit quietly.
Are we so sure of our knowledge and experience that we feel we don't need instructions(data)to tell us the direction to take our companies. Can you even get that data? I've seen those that thought the gray in the hair assured them of wisdom and those who thought that a degree meant they were brilliant but ignored the market to follow their own confidence and took their companies backwards.
iPUB through its state of the art Pubvision system with numerous custom reports can help you map your company's future.http://www.ipubtech.com/.
"The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is."
C. S. Lewis

Steve Becker
iPRO Business Systems

Monday, March 21, 2011


I heard a marketing guy once say "Isn't it funny that many businesses say I can afford to advertise but the same businesses can afford a going out of business sign".
In the same way as a business owners we have to ask ourselves is it the way that we operate the business that keeps us from affording what we need to improve. A self fulfilling prophesy, I can't improve because I need to improve. Mechanics need proper tools to work on cars,painters need brushes, and politicians just need a camera pointed at them.
You as a business owner need the tools to help you thrive in these lean times. iPUB can help you become more efficient and market responsive.To find out how iPUB can help you check us out at http://www.ipubtech.com/.

Monday, March 14, 2011

AR Yeah It's That Important

Book returns and inefficient billing -- nothing can snarl up your
bottom line faster. iPUB makes sure you account for every
return and track every invoice to collect exactly what you are

Your publishing business depends on reconciling book returns to
control cash flow. At the same time you need to know your invoices
are received and paid promptly.

In a perfect world, bookstores take credit only for books that they actually return. But in the real world, we all know that many invoices are paid with credits charged-back from book returns that either are slow to arrive or never arrive at all.

iPUB tracks these credits and reconciles them against books actually returned. So you know exactly what you are owed, iPUB tracks each transaction, invoice and payment.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What's In Your Warehouse?

Without enough inventory, sales will suffer and the bottom line
weakens. Inventory control is critical to a publisher's profitability.

Inventory is tricky – too little and you might miss a sales opportunity;
too much and it creates a glut of books you can't get rid of. It is crucial to maintain accurate numbers of what is on the shelves. Knowing what has sold and what is in the warehouse or with distributors can make or break your company.

iPUB's real-time inventory gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions.


* Automated inventory updates
* Sophisticated algorithms track sales history and project
supply longevity
* Reorder and reprint reminders
* Virtual warehouse tracking systems

Publisher Benefits

* Every book order entry displays and highlights available inventory.

* Each sale automatically adjusts inventory as well as royalties, commissions and sales analysis information.

* Predict how long supplies will last based on actual sales history figures.

* Built-in alerts tell you when it is time to reorder or reprint.

* Know exactly how much inventory is off-site; at each distributor and at each warehouse.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange- You are a publisher regardless of your size and you just received a letter from a major chain saying you now must receive orders through EDI. You think to yourself I can now automate order entry and invoicing. This is going to save me money.Then you find out the costs involved.
You see my friends this paperless society will put a dent in your bank account. When I looked into EDI for a company I worked for I discovered that EDI services are basically little to no cost for the retailer and supported almost completely by the publishers. Then you the publisher must buy hefty license fees for each vendor you wish to work with. Then every document you receive comes with a fee. The prices range from some EDI companies with high document fees and low license fees to the opposite. In the end you justify the expense because it is going to save you time, postage, and paper. Then you ask your software company that you operate with about helping you with bringing in the EDI documents.
" You need an EDI module", I was told, to the tune of over $20,000.I like trees but not that much. This doesn't have to happen to you. Yes EDI is going to cost you quite a bit for using an EDI mailbox but your software company doesn't have to hammer you with module fees for bringing in the data.
You need the iPUB Advantage. http://www.ipubtech.com/ or call 1-866-482-4408.Ext 701.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Royalty help has arrived.

Imagine waking up and strolling into your office. You have a fresh, hot roasted cup of your favorite Starbucks blend. You sit down at your desk, open up your Outlook and a reminder flashes before you. TIME to pay out royalties! No matter. You couldn’t be the least bit concerned.

Reports come streaming in from channel partners. The formats are markedly different. Some are excel spreadsheets, while others are extracted data, and yet others are the product of proprietary home-grown reporting systems. With the push of a button, you upload each of the data sets into your royalty engine and in a matter of seconds you know exactly what your authors are owed. Sounds nice, right? But is this how your business operates today?

Why are Royalty Payments so Problematic?

From the outside it looks pretty straight forward. As a publisher, you negotiate a deal with an author, draw up a contract, leverage sales channels, get reports from those channels, and then pay out royalties. Simple, right? If only this were the case.

The Real Story

Here is the unfortunate reality. Every contract is different and the terms can be quite complex. As a publisher you may have to pay based on a sliding scale, a fixed price, different time intervals, volume thresholds, and the list goes on. And on top of that, you have to make sure you fulfill on every single contract covenant or trouble could ensue. Now for problem #2...

The book is now published and in the hands of many partners, all of whom are making sales. Suddenly, these partners are sending you sales reports and you have to determine royalties owed.

The problem is every report you get is different. To make matters worse, these reports leave you swimming in a sea of data, grasping at ways to roll it all up into a simple, easy to understand royalty statement.

Automation is the Key

The fact of the matter is the royalty process involves too much manual labor. If you were using Giallo however, nearly 95% of the royalty payment process would be automated, saving you time and money.

Introducing the Giallo Royalty System
With the click of a button, Giallo will:

* Import sales from all your sources
* Verify all the data
* Report on ‘royalty liability’ to be booked to the general ledger
* Calculate the royalty payments owed in minutes
* Run reports to analyze sales, review trends, and estimate reprint quantities

With over 30 years experience in the Publishing industry we have spoken to thousands of people about their business issues. The 2 largest issues that always come up are managing the royalty payment process, and finding “Good” publishing management software that doesn’t cost $50,000 or more.

Gone are the days where you need to have the IT infrastructure to house all your software applications. In today’s world, you can operate in the cloud. You can access the applications you need only at the times you need them.

With Giallo, we have built a royalty solution that lives in the cloud. You don’t need to own any hardware. You don’t need an IT staff. You don’t even have to input your royalty contracts, because we will do it for you. All you need to do is login, and import your vendor sales reports.
Get the iPUB Advantage. 1-866-482-4408 Ext 701

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sales Analysis

Using a system without great sales analysis is like having a boat with no rudder. You'll soon be sitting broken on the rocks.It doesn't have to happen to your business.
Get the iPUB Advantage www.ipubsoftware.com.

Have you ever wondered who is buying your books? Are you awash in meaningless sales data that prevent you from identifying trends or making sound publishing decisions? Your business cannot survive unless you have access to comprehensive reports and sales information.

Inadequate or unreliable report capabilities are disastrous to a publisher’s business. You must know exactly who is buying your books and help your sales force identify viable customers. Trends and projections also are vital to growth. Moreover, you cannot afford to waste a single dime of your marketing budget – every cent must be strategically spent for maximum return.


* Decision Support
* Sales Analysis
* Comprehensive Reports
* Sales Integration
* Easy “Build-Your-Own” Reports interface
* Trend Analysis
* Period-to-Period Comparisons

Publisher Benefits

* Easily identify top customers, titles and market segments

* Quickly analyze sales data; generate comprehensive monthly trend analysis reports and period-to-period sales comparisons

* Identify key sales opportunities and stay ahead of dwindling supply with inventory reports that are as easy as a click of the mouse

* Real-time sales numbers display in every customer’s record, tracking purchase quantities by month, quarter or year, titles purchased, complimentary books sent, books returned and more

* Create engaging graphic presentations and save your reports in multiple formats, like Excel and pdf

* Import sales data from virtually any internal or external system to create AR and sales reporting

Contact us now. Email: steve@ipubsoftware.com or call 1-866-482-4408