Monday, February 28, 2011

Order Processing

In today's economy can you afford to waste employee hours and productivity?
iPUB's order processing enables you to enter orders efficiently with maximum flexibility in the minimum amount of time.Regardless of their source – whether by phone, fax, Internet or EDI– orders are entered and processed quickly and accurately.
iPUB's quick order keeps order entry time to a minimum.
Wherever possible, defaults from the product and customer master
are used to reduce the input time for an order. Order Processing
can also take advantage of complex pricing and discounting. It is
possible to use future pricing dates, or special source pricing, to track your marketing dollars. It's time to get the iPUB advantage. Visit us at or call 1866-482-4408 ext 1 for a no obligation demo.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Whether you are a small, one-author publisher or growing into a large, diversified enterprise, the business software you choose should know the publishing business – specifically, your business. It must be easy to use while it stays current with changing business conditions. At the same time you should expect it to make you more efficient by providing immediate access to data intelligence,thereby giving you a competitive advantage.
Selecting and implementing a business support system is far more than a simple software preference. It could be the most important business decision you will ever make. The right business system can propel you to success; the wrong system can stifle your growth.Think about how the publishing industry has changed over the past 15 years. You simply cannot do business today like you did then.Competition is stiffer, Profit margins are tighter. Consumer tastes have changed. Your operation must be lean and efficient, your distribution process controlled, your turnaround fast and your inventory projections accurate to ensure profitability on every book
that leaves your warehouse. You need the integrated feature-rich capability of iPUB, the business system for

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Technology

Working with the most contemporary technology will give you the best chance to enhance your bottom line. Many publishing systems today were built back in the 70s, before Windows or the Internet! Some have been refurbished, reshaped, and modified to work with a mouse or look nice on the screen, but the truth is they were built 30 years ago. After decades of patchwork updates the systems are crippled with limited scalability and hard to program changes to achieve functionality. Sadly many publishers don't realize they are buying 30 year old technology or that they are trying to enhance their operations with technology that is obsolete! Modern publishers are looking for a system built in the 21st century with current, contemporary technology.
It's time to make the move to IPUB. or call 1-866-897-4782

Steve Becker